Friday, April 29, 2011

Meatloaf and a grunt.

For some reason I've been craving comfort food lately. Maybe it's the amount of stress I'm dealing with right now, or maybe it's because my body is craving warm days with gentle breezes and getting snow, wind gust that blow down fences (literally a few weeks ago our fence fell over during an especially blustery day) and below freezing temperatures instead. No matter what it is my beautiful family is reaping the benefits of some good o' comfort food. . . paleo style!

At the top of my yum list is paleo meatloaf. I got my super delicious recipe from Sarah Fragoso over at I've been pairing it with super creamy mashed cauliflower and some tasty greens like kale chips or a salad.

A second favorite is Shepherd's pie. This recipe is endlessly adaptable, tonight we made it with green beans, carrots and broccoli. Mark Sisson over at has a plethora of exceptionally tasty meals. This dish, also made with mashed cauliflower is a stand alone meal. There are so many veggies and so much meat a side dish just seems like overkill.

I know that the paleo diet means eating like our paleolithic ancestors and I'm guessing that neither meatloaf nor Shepherd's pie were common dinner items 50,000 years ago. But, since I do not have either the ability (in the form of hunting and endurance style running) nor the species (hello mammoths, tiny horses, endless fields of buffalo and all manner of other ancient and extinct animals our ancestors munched on) I make do with my local grocery store.

I use my technologically advanced shopping cart, re-usable grocery bags, debit card and car trunk as hunting and foraging tools instead of stone knives, spears and my body (to carry said mammoth). The reason for this is simple. I'm living in 2011. I can use these tools. I enjoy using these tools. And I refuse to believe that my lifestyle is "impossible" and "ridiculous" because it is based off what my greatX100 grandma ate and now that we live. . .well now, its not healthy anymore.

Following this lifestyle does not mean that I have to hunt for my food and grunt like an idiot (FYI doubters, paleolithic Indians had brains the same size as modern humans, but they were healthier, taller and more muscular. There's a nova all about it). It means that I eat healthy, whole foods that make me feel good. And I can do all of this while having tasty delicious meals that are better than those found in any restaurant.

And I never, ever say. . . boy your diet sounds terrible, bad for you and bad for the environment (ummm, still trying to figure out why paleo is bad for the environment) to people that eat SAD. They own their bodies, they can do with them what they will. If asked I will talk about my diet and how amazing it is. So if your reading this and you condescend all over my diet. . .just stop. It's not very nice! Stop being a hater, do some research not endorsed by the corn breeders of America and educate yourself. Then we can talk.


  1. as I tell people who make fun of me..always jokingly..I am not a re-enactor like some civil war dude...I am adapting it to the world we live in now.

  2. I am using this food plan, endorsed by my Dr., because I want to be healthy and this is the way to do it. Grain carbs are addictive and therefore elimanated from my diet. Your dad agreed to go on this food plan because my Dr. endorsed it. Go for it!!!!

  3. Wow eldotree, that's awesome that your doctor is so progressive. And I'm really glad that Mr. eldotree is on board.

    Consider letting your Doc know about there's really no one on the list for MD's in NM.