Monday, May 10, 2010

So I got into a fight today. . .with my invasive species teacher. Her final, an ambiguous and ridiculous take home test had some very conflicting questions. When I called to clear up the situation, making sure to cite several references and a teachers with the correct information she told me to stop arguing and that I had an inability to learn. What? I have almost straight A's and am constantly asking questions. I have had several teachers, including her tell me that I encourage the learning process and facilitate discussion within the classroom. Now, I can be wrong, and frequently am. I have no problems saying that I can be a know it all sometimes, but I also have no problem saying I messed up. She, on the other hand, consistently refuses to acknowledge that she makes mistakes, refuses to answer the phone at pertinent times and goes off on crazy, uninformative tangents during class that waste every ones time. Agggg!! She's the most frustrating teacher I've ever had! Rant over!

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