Friday, May 21, 2010

I did it! Without breaking down. . . or reverting back to my early teenage years. I have now past from one decade to another, and well, it's not so bad. I tromped around the forest today through brambles and fallen logs and I'm not tired. I have all sorts of cash to spend at REI and Kohls. I'm thinking of seeing a movie tonight and well. . I guess I'm pretty smelly, I may take a shower. I have a limited number of wrinkles and all is well with the thirty year old Crissy. The hardest thing about today was coming home to find cat puke on the carpet, and a very contrite lab who got on the counter and ate all the whole wheat pitas. The coolest thing about today? I ate a bowl of whole grain, organic fruit bunny cereal and it tasted awesome. Well, that's probably not the absolute coolest, but it was pretty enjoyable. The absolute coolest thing is that I used to not dry my jeans in the dryer because they were too tight when they got out, and I recently dried a pair on accident, and they fit great!! Woo hoo!

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