Monday, July 12, 2010

The crossfit revolution!!

So a few weeks ago I started doing crossfit. for those few of you who read this blog crossfit is taking something hard (working out), making it harder (pardon me but is 70 pull ups insane or what?) and timing you, making sure the one doing crossfit is always moving and doing something really, really hard. For example. . .the workout today was crazy single armed dumbbell lifts (21 of them) then 21 pull up, the those crazy one armed lifts with the other hand then 21 pull ups. THREE TIMES. I did it in 26 minutes and was soaked from head to foot by the end of it.

Why does one submit to the horrendous torture that crossfit is you might ask? Truthfully? Before I go to class I get so nervous that I have butterflies in my stomach and my bladder goes into overdrive, which crossfitters term the nervous bladder. But it is addictive. Crazy addictive. Having someone pushing you and telling you to make yourself work harder, be better is so addictive.

So until school starts the blog will be about my workouts, lame I know, but it fulfills my need to constantly be on the Internet, while feeling not horribly lazy.

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