Monday, July 19, 2010

No team player mentality here!!

So, if you read this blog you must have some sort of basic knowledge of who I am. I'm finicky and bitchy and I'm definitely not a team player. At school I thrive on projects that I can do by myself. At home, I love to spend time by myself (mostly being very, very lazy) and when working out I seem to get ultra competitive when partnered up with someone!
But today in Crossfit I had my first team workout. As a team we had to complete 500 sit ups, 400 front squats, 300 box jumps and run
200 meters to set the pace for the rest of the team. I absolutely loved the workout today because it everyone wanted to have the highest time, everyone was equally competitive and everyone was really encouraging!! Not only was it fun, but we had the second best time!!

Granted my whole body is sticky with sweat, I smell like a men's locker room and all I really want to do is eat everything in my refrigerator, but at least I'm working my booty off (both literally and figuratively)

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