Thursday, July 15, 2010

Running (at least for me) works the way. . .

Garlic does for vampires. I hate it. Just thinking about it gives me a queasy stomach and weak knees.

You may ask, "Why in the world are you comparing running to garlic and yourself to vampires?"

Well reader, I'm comparing them because I ran today. Not gracefully or quickly, but I ran. In fact I ran a mile. I realize that loads of people run 26.2 miles all the time. And I'm aware that Forrest Gump ran across the country and then back again. But. . .I am not Forrest Gump (not that anyone actually is I guess), and I'm no marathon runner (unless it's a marathon of some TV series).

I almost didn't go to crossfit today because I knew there would be running. Spurts of running, outside, in the heat. I almost threw up. Literally. In fact as I was headed to the grocery store to buy myself a protein packed dinner I did vomit a little bit. It was gross.

But when I started this workout regime I couldn't even finish 200 meters and that was only three weeks ago! Talk about results (and extreme bouts of hunger)! I feel pretty good right now (although during the run I felt like the dog in this pic. . .a bit out of shape).

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