Saturday, August 14, 2010

advertising? hell no! I listen to. . .

Jillian Micheals tells us all (through her many books) to eat organic, eliminate toxins and to buy a HEPA filter. She also tells us that we should buy houseplants for our house as detoxifiers.

Yes, I realize that I may be buying into her multi million dollar scheme to make me spend oodles of money on things i can't really afford. So far, Ive started buying organic. . .all organic (oof, that's a hard hit to anybodies bank account), switched to all natural cleansers, don't buy bottled water ( we use a Brita filter, yummy and cheap) and the latest. . . you guessed it.


For everyone who knows me, you know I am horrible at getting thing to grow, but there have been several studies that prove that children learn better with more green plants around. I have managed to keep an orchid alive (although it's not thriving. . .or blooming), so I've moved on to three more plants. They are cheaper than a HEPA filter, which I really want even though I just found out about them and what they do.

So I applaud you, Jillian Micheals, for making me want to spend money on things I never even realized I needed. You're about as effective as commercials.

I am such a sucker. God it's terrible.

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