Thursday, August 19, 2010

So I know for sure that there at least four people that read this blog on a semi-regular basis. Well, three at least (thanks mom for signing up twice to boost my confidence). So for those of you who do read my blog, I'm going to start being a bit more interactive, you know asking questions, trying to illicit answers. . .that sort of thing. I'm doing this because, well, I care about what my loved ones and friends think. And don't want to be selfish all the time!

So the question is: What do you do to try to combat our sedentary lifestyle?

I do crossfit. That's it. My answer is small and doesn't seem like enough. I hike and backpack and snowboard, but not all the time.

My crossfit coach, who is the most amazing coach ever, brought it to my attention that ever since we started walking on two legs we have adapted. We are the most adaptive species on the planet. We live on every continent, have climbed the highest peaks and survived some terrible ordeals (slavery, bubonic plague, war, war and more war). We have shaped our surrounding to fit our needs, building housed and cities and huuuuge governments.

We are ambitious, creative, smart and determined. And now we are fat. We have walkers and canes and scooters that haul our fat asses around when we can't do it ourselves anymore. We take medicine after medicine to lengthen our lives instead of relying on our own massive strength, our huge ability and our stunning determination.

I am NOT going to be one of those people who is scooting around on a machine just because I'm too lazy to get off my ass!

So kudos to my mom, who still walks all day while shopping, dances at wedding while hurting and perseveres through a debilitating disease to be active and happy another day.

And kudos to Tait (my crossfit coach) who really cares and wants the best for every person who walks through his door.

And lastly my dad. The healthiest man I know, you are amazing! This picture makes me smile every time I see you. I'm so glad that you don't need that scooter to walk around.


  1. survival of the adaptations....I know now that even with all the work I am doing at CrossFit, it is not enough for my overall health because my job makes me sit at a desk for hours at a I also have shifted or adapted so far from a healthy diet that...oh I don't know...I still have so far to go to actually care for myself...for this ever adapting body.

  2. Nice Mona!! Thanks for posting!!

  3. Thank you for the oh so kind words for Dad and for me. I love you

  4. It's so awesome that you said "I'm going to start being a bit more interactive" and then it happens. You rock.