Monday, August 9, 2010

Back again

Well, summer is almost over. I've just gotten back from my second vacation and I'm still tired. This time, there were fewer bugs (but then again that could be anywhere, Backcountry Yellowstone has almost all the mosquito's in the world hoarded there) and more. . . you guessed it . . . alcoholic beverages.

This was a trade off I'd go for any day. The weather was absolutely perfect up in Aspen and the scenery at the wedding was amazing. The bad news is that now that I'm back I've got to start my workout regime up again. that means a few days of intense torture before I can get my rhythm back. Pre trip I ran a 5k and last time I went to crossfit it was absolutely horrible. I was slow and weak and had forgotten everything I learned. Here's to a better week, with considerably less alcohol and no bug bites. Seriously the devil created mosquito's to torture nice people. I'm positive.

On a sad note, school is getting ready to start, my kids have gone through one more summer and I feel like time has been going so fast and so slow all at the same time. Fifth grade is around the corner and my children are becoming more independent and self assured everyday. This is both an amazing thing to watch and a melancholy thing to deal with. I've realized that having my children not need me as much is just as stressful and painful as having them need me too much. Oh well at least I have really stupid cat pictures like this one to fall back.

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