Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Computers are from the devil!!

I really love my computer, it allows me to waste copious amounts of time on the Internet instead of doing homework. I can catch up on awesome shows that I missed because I'm to busy to actually watch them when they come out. It allows me to write papers and reports and, in general, rocks. But then a day like today comes when the computer is having a bad day. Like it's bloated or has hay fever. . . or something that makes it grouchy and unwilling to do simple tasks, like connect to a wireless network that it always connects to!! And because of my menstrual computer I have to drive all around town to find a network it will connect to, because, I may be smart, but I have no idea how to fix my computer. Maybe some chocolate and salty chips? That's what I like when I'm feeling not so hot.

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