Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hiking again. .. and plastic surgery

I took the kids hiking to Atalaya, and I took the dog as well. We had an awesome trip, but I can never remember which way to go, or how to get to the top, so in the end we ended up hiking for a few miles and then deviating from the trail to do one of my favorite hikes near Santa Fe. This place I have originally named the rock, because. . .it's a really big rock that one must scramble up the side of the mountain to get to. By the end the dog was hot, Owen was panting and my poor legs, just recently recovered from the Grand Canyon were a little tired. But the view from the rock was absolutely spectacular. And after a sandwich and an apple Owen was ready to trek to the top of the hill. Binty as usual was a trooper and wasn't winded at all!

There are multiple points to this story, first my kids are super cool and I think it's awesome that they are so into the outdoors. Second, and maybe less obvious is that I'm pretty happy with my body, the fact that I can do these things, and that although not perfect, it's pretty nice. Now where does this come from you may ask? Well the truth is that there is a certain quasi celebrity that has had copious amounts of surgery recently, and while she looks just like my daughters barbie dolls, I have a feeling she won't ever be satisfied with who she is, and she has sacrificed her ability to hug and exercise!! Yuck, poor girl. And I kind of feel sorry for every other person out there who looks great, but feels the need and social pressure to change their appearance to fit what America feels is beautiful. So if you're reading this embrace who you are and enjoy the strength and vitality that nature allows you!

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