Friday, April 23, 2010

It snowed in Santa Fe today, and the weather is miserable. I wore a skirt and flip flops this morning thinking, optimistically that it would clear up and be beautiful. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!! In fact as I was futilely trying to insert a dollar outside the flying star, big chunks of ice from the roof were falling down all around me! My toes were numb and my leggings were soaked. The good news is, that despite my misery, the environment is soaking up all this moisture and we will hopefully have a respite from a dry, moisture
sucking summer!! So, while I may not like the temperature, the
freezing rain, or anything else about this cold, windy, terrible April,
The New Mexico environment loves it. Happy Earth week, we're
planting heirloom tomato seeds in earth friendly pots this weekend
to celebrate!!

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