Friday, April 30, 2010

So I watched the "biggest loser" today, and while I love watching that show, I always feel like a lazy ass (0r maybe a lazy tyranical cat, like in the picture). I mean those people work their butts off, and are super disappointed if they only lose 5 pounds. Man, five pounds a week for me is like. . .fist pumping, super amazing make me feel like a bad ass weight loss. So motivated by the biggest loser I turned my t.v. to the exercise channel and got to work with Jillian Micheal's and cardiokye. By the end of it I felt pretty good and Jillian Micheal's workouts are tough!! I'd hate to be put through that five or six hours a day!! The cardioky was pretty cool and the kids got really into it. I guess in the end it's just another way to put off the inevitable. . .horrid, blinding amounts of school work. I wish there was a t.v. show that helped me out with that!!

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