Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cow what? That's right, cowpots!

Things are coming down to he wire now, and instead of the frantic, desperate feelings I should be having, I'm simply in a state of denial. Or maybe it's Zen. But if it is Zen, it feels like I'm just feeling alright with my ability to put off doing some very important things. Or, maybe it's spring. I'm loving spring this year. My daughter really wants a garden, and since I'll buy into anything, especially if it has the word green, sustainable, or environmentally sound in it, we are planting one.

Now I have a serious black thumb. I can't even get the simplest of houseplants to grow! But, despite this deficiency I have decided to carry on with enthusiasm. We planted some heirloom tomatoes seeds in pots made out of cow poop this weekend, and I spend waaaay more time than I'd like to admit watching the soil for signs of seedlings. Here's hoping my black thumb doesn't ruin my daughters garden!!

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